Author: FxGold

Dennis has over a decade of experience trading the global spot forex market using practical technical analysis forex trading strategies and techniques. Back in the day, when he was relentlessly trying to grow a few hundred bucks into millions overnight through spot forex trading, he traded and lost his entire college tuition on a single losing forex trade causing him to give up his major in veterinary medicine only to dropout of college at the tender age of 21. He admits that the turning point in his spot forex trading career came about during the later years when he adopted to use a trend trading style founded upon solid risk and money management principles which he currently teaches rookie and struggling intermediate forex traders how to replicate in his spare time. Dennis believes that whatever trading style you choose to use for trading currencies through the global spot forex currency markets, you're never going to achieve true success until you learn how to keep your trading emotions in check through practicing sound risk and money management. If you need any help or expert advice on how to turn your gradually deteriorating forex trading performance around, feel free to contact Dennis through social media today!